Louisville Chorus

Daniel Spurlock, Music Director

2022-2023 Season


On-going for qualified singers in all sections


Basic Audition-related Information

  • Choral/vocal/music experience and music reading skills are of prime consideration prior to scheduling an audition.
  • Auditions are on-going and can be scheduled at any time at the convenience of the singer, usually prior to a rehearsal. Unless otherwise noted, auditions will be held at Beargrass Christian Church, 4100 Shelbyville Road at Browns Lane— in the chapel (located at the Shelbyville Rd/Browns Ln corner of the church complex).
  • Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings from 7–9 PM, with rare substitutes and/or 7–10 PM (at the latest); additions, as needed, e.g., only for specified concerts.
  • An audition consists of a) Vocalization, b) 2 prepared solos* — one aria, art song, or sacred work and one of another style, e.g., pops, folk, Broadway. c) Sight reading                  *Memory not required. Bring extra scores (2-sided and hole-punched) for music director & pianist.

Basic Singer Participation Information

  • Singers pay a tax-deductible Expected Annual Contribution of $150.  Unless otherwise advised, payment is due after admission into Louisville Chorus and then annually at the beginning of each season. For this gift, singers are offered any combination of free series tickets up to the value of the donation.
  • Concert attire to be purchased by each singer—men: black tie; ladies: black concert attire—purchased via our Louisville Chorus attire volunteer.  Casual pops/other attire tba, as needed.
  • As well, a list will be provided of necessary Singer Investment Responsibilities - in kind services (or additional cash contributions) over and above the $150 - from which a singer may choose any combination of activities to fulfill said commitment throughout the entire season ($1,000 value). Those exceeding their SIR are awarded prizes at the end of each season.
  • If you have not already done so, for highlights about Louisville Chorus and the current season, navigate through this Website.